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Common info

Our development team works with companies all over the world. We are focused on providing maximum performance at a lower cost for any business needs.

We are ready to provide professional software development outsourcing. We work with you throughout the entire process, starting with business analysis to the ready-to-go program.

Our office is located in Belarus, where most of our team works. Our team members speak Russian and English. We like complicated and newly created projects, and we are ready to develop any application for you.

Why should you choose us? Because we make good quality applications at low prices.

What we provide

Standalone applications

C# .Net application

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Web services

PHP and MySql apps with Yii 2.0

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Browser addons

JS widgets Chrome and FireFox

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Mobile applications

C# Xamarin applications

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Professional testing research

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Server control

Linux server administration

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Desktop apps

Desktop apps are the most popular tool to solve business tasks.

We are experienced in creating apps mostly for Windows using the most popular framework, .Net.

We provide high performance applications with or without server communication.

If you'd like to order Windows Form or a WPF application, or just API, we are ready to develop it.

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Web applications and services

For the maximum performance of your web application, we suggest using PHP with the newest Yii 2.0 framework, which provides solid structure and great architecture.

Using the CSS framework Bootstrap, we can achieve fully responsive webapps with an intuitive interface and a clean design.

Using Linux-based web servers helps achieve maximum security.

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Web browser add-ons

Nowadays web browser widgets can perform different tastks. Browsers become fully independent operating systems, and people spend most of their time using their favorite browser.

Each browser type has its own architecture and APIs to build extensions, which require different code and skills for each extension.

Web-browser extensions can increase the use of your web service or become a tool to perform unique tasks.

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Mobile and tablet applications

The development of these applications is the most popular and dynamic field. Mobile apps are used on different devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

The most popular OS are iOS and Android. There are two OS using application stores to install apps to users' devices, and they require different GUI conditions from the app.

At the moment developers not only have to create functional apps, but must also design them in accordance with specific rules.

Some frameworks exist which allow creation of mobile applications for both of the most popular mobile OS.

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Software testing

It's very important that a quality product not be offered with major bugs.

High testing quality is strictly required for creating applications. We guarantee our team of professional testers to find each bug.

Using automated testing and functional testing by writing test cases, we achieve stable, working high-load apps during the first release.

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Linux administration

Linux servers are the most stable and flexible for different tasks. Our specialists can help you maintain a Linux server and make it work with the highest performance.

DDOS protection and human recognition are also two main problems for system administrators. We are experienced in tuning dedicated servers for high-load web-applications.

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