Start-up support

The DevPart team is open to new ideas and ready to take part in new startup projects. We are ready to help your new projects grow; we understand this takes a lot of hard work and you have a limited budget.
We are ready to provide full-cycle support, from the design to the release. We have advanced expertise in digital marketing: SEO, Affiliate marketing, PPC and SMM.
If you are starting a new project and looking for a team to help you realize it, we are here for you.

What we provide

App development

Application development for free

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Speed up growth

Use multi-language versions

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Free web server

Use free managed servers

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Smart marketing

Target advertising of app

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What we can suggest

Many problems can come up when you start your new project, and we definitely understand that.
We are here to help in any way we can.
Save money for project development. Every year we choose a start-up to work with, and provide with a dedicated development team for a project share. As a team of professionals, we always have time for hobbies. We are happy to help in the development of applications which make an impact. Let us know about your project and we will make it happen together.
Increase project growth by targeting multiple markets, starting with multi-language support, and making it oriented to different countries. DevPart has offices in three different countries with various native languages. We know how to start and advertise startups in Europe. You do not need to worry about it; your startup will run all over the world.
No server expenses. We have dedicated servers in different data centers, and we are ready to provide a place for your startup to help you save money.
Our managers can help you optimize advertisement expenses and use only the most effective methods.
Have any doubts? No problem; just contact us and we provide you with exact estimates and a detailed plan for free.